About Lisa Grue

About the Artist Lisa Grue

The Danish artist and designer Lisa Grue, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Design in 2001. She has worked for client such as Nylon magazine, fashion Designer Anne Sui, Vogue Magazine, Ace Hotel in NYC, Sandberg Wallpaper which is a purveyor to the royal court of Sweden, Fuji Film, Abrams Books, ASOKO in Japan and many more. 

Lisa Grue has been honoured several times from The Danish Art Foundation and The Art Foundation of The National Bank of Denmark among others. 

Her illustrative style, and universe, comes from her growing up at the countryside. Lisa have spend many hours in the meadow, forest and beach in company of fragrant flowers, fluttering butterflies old trees and wild plants. 

With an imaginative and entrepreneur mind Lisa decided in the young age of 12 years that she wanted to become an artist and run her own company. Since then she has been immersed in illustrating on all kinds of media, such as books, t-shirts, wallpapers, murals, make-up packaging, textiles, porcelain and much more.

Today Lisa has established her own brand LISA GRUE. She produces and sells her illustrative universe on greeting cards, prints, notebooks, puzzles, decor and much more. 


Family company 

The online store and the brand LISA GRUE is a family owned company. Her husband, the photographer and designer Denis Sytmen and Lisa Grue, run the business together. 

They have been featured on Danish national television and have been featured in a number of international design Magazines and Books. Together with their son Mika they have written, illustrated, and photographed their own book “ Luk naturen ind hele året” publish by the biggest danish publishing house Gyldendal A/S.

Core Values

Lisa Grue is a company which is deeply connected with nature. We love nature and are a big advocate of taking good care of our planet. Our entire product line is dedicated to engage the public to become interested in nature, and catalyse the process for everybody to act in more sustainable and prosperous ways for the planet. 

As such everything the company produces must be certified with the highest environmental certified standards and eco-labels. 

Our mission to engage the public is a personal one. We believe we can use our artistic and creative abilities to motivate and make it joyful to take care of our planet, our only home.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.